August 10, 2020

10 Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans In India For 2020

By Aman Arora

For most of us, the kitchen is an innovative workshop where we try to create some finger-licking recipes to keep our loved ones well-nourished. However, such a wonderful cooking process leaves out some undesirable by-products, such as odor, grease, smoke, and moisture. Having the right ventilation will help in controlling the spicy air droplets and neutralize the pungent odor of garlic, onions, and spices used in cooking. One of the major decisions that you must make to keep your kitchen ventilated is buying the right type of exhaust fan.

A kitchen exhaust fan eliminates the heat from the room by circulating fresh air while removing the unpleasant odor and grime through its ducting system. If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen by investing in a good quality exhaust fan, we have compiled a list of 10 best kitchen exhaust fans in the Indian market along with the possible information on each to help you find the best one.

Top 10 Kitchen Exhaust Fans In India For 2020

1. Usha Crisp Air Ventilating fan

Usha Crisp Air

Usha, the renowned brand is known to offer a series of exhaust fans with superior features to keep Indian kitchen clean and free from smoke and odor. The Usha crisp air range of exhaust fans are designed with sturdy materials and have an impressive sweep size to remove heavy air droplets with fat particles quickly while circulating fresh air inside.

Top Features 

  • Has a lightweight body with a sleek design in black.
  • It works with 40 W power and can rotate at 1250 rpm.
  • Strong blades and body crafted from rustproof materials.
  • Designed to perform whisper quiet operation.
  • Comes with an amazing sweep size of 200 mm.
  • It has automatic shutter louvers at the back for safety and protection.

2. Havells Ventilair DSP Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventilair

Havells Ventilair exhaust fan comes with a high-grade metal body and blades to deliver maximum performance. This kitchen appliance comes with a minimum air delivery speed up to 700 cubic meters per minute to drive away from the odors. The aerodynamically balanced blades with 230 mm dimensions rotate uniformly for better air circulation.

Top Features 

  • Sturdy powder coated body with a metallic finish in pista green shade.
  • The bird guard featuring metal spokes at the back prevents the birds from flying in.
  • Well-position fan blades perform with 230 mm sweep size to support 510 cmh air flow at 1350 rpm.
  • Noiseless operation at 40 – 50 dB.

3. Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air Exhaust

The Crisp Air series of exhaust fans offered by the pioneering brand, Usha are known for their excellent air sweep rate and robust construction to assure long-lasting service. This kitchen exhaust fan from Crisp Air series comes in elegant white color and is designed to consume very less amount of power of just 40 watts while assuring top-notch service. It fits on a 7-inch window frame perfectly.

Top Features 

  • Comes with an automatic shutter for better protection and safety.
  • Robust body and blades with rustproof design.
  • Removes odor filled air inside the kitchen with a sweep rate of 200 mm.
  • Noiseless operation

4. Havells FHVVEDXOWH08 Ventil Air Dx Exhaust Fan

Havells FHVVEDXOWH08 Ventil

The Havells exhaust fan comes with a unique 5 blade design and body to deliver the highest airflow with the lowest noise during operation. It has a removable oil collection tray to clean easily. The powerful motor of this exhaust fan has an inner fuse to protect it against power surges.

Top Features 

  • This product is crafted from strong abrasion resistant engineering plastic with good impact for easy maintenance.
  • Performs with 1350 rpm speed to maintain air delivery rate of 520 cmh.
  • Its lightweight body makes it perfect for mounting on glass windows.
  • Has gravity shutter for improving longevity.

5. Maa-Ku 220V Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Maa-Ku 220V

This exhaust fan from the brand, Maa-Ku is designed in a compact fashion to fit in the small kitchen rooms with dimensions of 8 X 8 X 8 feet. It has a sophisticated design in glossy black color and measures 6.75 inches in length and breadth. This exhaust fan is specially designed to perform like a cooling fan to keep the kitchen cool and comfortable.

Top Features 

  • It is crafted out of aluminum die-cast material with high-quality coating to offer durable service.
  • Works with 35 Watts power and has a sleeve bearing for better performance.
  • Designed with superior quality plastic fan blades.
  • Works with a low noise level of 45 dB.
  • Reliable motor performs with 2500 rpm.

6. Usha Crisp Air Premia BV Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air Premia

The Usha Crisp Air Premia exhaust fan is the right choice to get rid of the fumes, odor and moisture in your kitchen. It looks elegant in chic white shade and can be mounted on glass windows easily. This exhaust fan is the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as it comes with 6 X 6 inch dimension.

Top Features

  • Comes with rustproof blades and body with a lightweight design.
  • Noiseless quiet operation with 150 mm sweep size.
  • Robust motor with shaded pole design to last long.
  • Designed with an automatic shutter in front.

7. Luminous vento axial 150mm exhaust fan

Luminous vento axial

The Vento Axial exhaust fan from the brand Luminous is created with a sleek look in white to perform operations in a smooth noiseless fashion, making it an apt choice for conference rooms, AC cabins and kitchens. It has an easily mountable design with 7 X 4 X 7 inch to save on installation spaces in small rooms.

Top Features 

  • Operates with 5 blades in premium plastic.
  • It has a blade size of 150 mm to sweep air at high rate.
  • Its powerful motor with a circular guard has a functioning speed of 2000 rpm.
  • Utilizes 22 Watts power.
  • It has 240 cmh air delivery rate.

8. Kaff LYRA LR6 Exhaust Fan


The ventilating fans offered by the trusted brand Kaff flaunt a sophisticated design and are efficient to keep the rooms smelling fresh. Easy to clean body design, quick installation and power boost variation are some of the features of these classy products. The bladeless design of this exhaust fan helps it to remove fumes and odor from your premises effortlessly. This product in steel grey shade requires just 25 W power to perform.

Top Features 

  • ABS plastic body with LED light.
  • Winding on motor is 100% pure copper.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Ideal for glass and concrete walls.
  • Motor built with thermo fuse protection.
  • Based on parametrical air extraction method.

Kitchen exhaust fans are an easy addition to an existing kitchen, a remodeled one or if you are building a new one. With our list of best products in hand, you should have no trouble in finding the right exhaust fan to have a fresh smelling kitchen every day.