May 23, 2020

How to Clean Electric Kettle with Lemon Juice?

By Aman Arora

An electric kettle is an essential appliance for boiling the water. It is safe to use and comes with easy to hold handle. It also has an automatic shut off option when the water gets boiled. When you own it, you will be able to keep it very quickly, as the appliance will not be hot. The only problem with the electric kettle is that it becomes quite problematic to clean it, especially when there is a buildup of limescale in the pot.

If you clean the kettle regularly, then it will make your life easy. With a clean electric kettle, you will never complain about its performance.

What to consider while buying an electric kettle?

When buying the kettle for the first time, you should check out the brand. The pot that you buy should belong to a good and reputed brand. If you choose the best one, it will help in enhancing the durability of the same.

You should always set a budget for the kettle. But be practical while you keep the budget. Buying the one that is good in quality and budget will prove to be the best one.

How to remove the built-up limescale with lemon juice?

When you have been using the kettle consistently, you will see that there will be limescale built up in the pot. Thus, it would help if you thought about cleaning the same. But how will you do that? Well, you may get tempted to clean the kettle using the scrap. But this can damage the surface. So, it would help if you thought of a gradual approach that will help.

Here’s how you must do it.

  • Take some lemon juice and fill half of the kettle with that. Now, remaining part of the pot, you should fill up with water.
  • Lemon juice is an excellent anti-staling agent, and it reduces the scaling naturally.
  • You should keep the lemon juice within the kettle for eight hours or overnight.
  • After this, you should put cold water in it four to five times and remove the same. Now, when the taste of lemon goes away, you can stay assured that the kettle is clean.

There are a few more ways to clean electric kettle.

If your kettle is not too bad from within then merely washing the same with cold water will suffice. But if the problem is grave, then you can depend on lemon juice. Some people also prefer using vinegar instead of lemon juice for internal cleaning. If you do not have vinegar at home, then you can use baking soda too.

Some people feel that using just the boiling water for cleaning will help. But there will be mineral built up. So, ideally, you will have to depend on lemon juice and vinegar for an electric kettle.

Cleaning the kettle from outside

It is also vital to clean the kettle from outside. Since it is electrical equipment, you cannot wash it under the tap thoroughly. But, you can take a damp cloth and then rub it on the outside layer of the kettle. If needed, you can also use the combination of water and baking soda and then dip the cloth in that. Cleaning with the damp cloth can make it look bright and shining.

Use filters for the kettle

If you use filters for the kettle, then there will hardly be any build up inside. You can buy these filters from any store that sells kitchen appliances or unique electric kettles. For getting good quality filters for electric kettles, you can check out the reviews online. Doing some homework over these appliances will help in making life easy.