May 10, 2020

The way to wear a floral dress

By Aman Arora

In summer we want to update our wardrobe by some new refreshing looking floral dresses but, there is a science behind these attributes we should consider those attributes. There are 100s ways to wear clothing, or we can say a floral dress which is looking attractive to you and not looks like a garden bed sheet.

It sounds funny, but this is reality, if you wear a floral dress in wrong ways it looks defiantly like a rug or bed sheet. First of all, select prints, you want to wear there’s a lot of prints available in markets and shops. There are some big flower prints and some base full of little flowers. Decide your favourites one and select are put it in your wardrobe.

A printed floral skirt with a plain shirt is a fantastic step you should move on. The plain top should be completely understandable, and it can be sleeveless or men’s style cuff sleeves. You can adjust your skirt length according to your choice and preference.

You can also light up your dress with funky jewellery and a stiletto.

Pointed stiletto makes your look so much fancy and attractive looking. You can see the model right here she’s wearing what I’m talking about blades with a floral skirt and plain top with sleeveless and boat neck. Hairstyles also matter a lot you can make a high ponytail or if you, not a big fan of a ponytail you can just simple straight your hairs and open your strands with a middle parting. A gel back would be perfect. You can also add some layers in springs sweets and cold nights.

Exactly like this one, the model turns this beautiful dress into a fantastic look. If you are one who wears a hijab, you can also make this looks perfect with your plain veil and a cut on the front to expose the jeans you want to wear. In the upcoming photo, you can see the fantastic look with the hijab she utilized her floral dress into a great outfit.


Inner beauty matters:

Inner beauty matters, your inner beauty comes first if you want to wear an attractive outfit. An outfit enhances your outer beauty, so let your inner beauty reflect with your gear, and you will see the rays of grace will be sprouted from your dress and makes everybody become your fan.

An accessory enhances your outfit:

Accessories give your floral dresses a boost your outfit to the next level. A fancy choker or earrings makes your outfit formal. On the other hand, a casual accessory turns your gear into a casual outfit. Footwear also matters and enhances the beauty of your floral dresses. Stilettos look amazing on floral skirts, which I’ve shared above.

Body shaming:

Bodyweight doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want, wear whatever you want. Body shaming on social media or in family, friends, relatives, is becoming so familiar. Still, it would help if you told yourself that you are a human you have feeling this is your choice your decision that you can wear anything you like anything you want to be wear. You can also rock in floral skirts. Your confidence makes your dress perfect.

You rock, everybody will shock.

Floral design pants:

Floral printed pants with a plain shirt can also create an impressive outfit. These pants enhance not only your beauty but also your body features cuts beautifully. Glasses with a high bun compliments these types of dresses so creatively.

A denim jacket can also create fun in these prints.

Bags and clutches:

  • Bags and clutches are essential for floral prints.
  • A perfect bag compliments the whole outfit.


  • Style your hairs according to your outfit and events.


All facts and ways aside from the main thing that you should keep in your mind; a confident person can turn any outfit beautifully amazing and attractive, so trust your self. Your confidence level determines that you would go to look perfect in any dressing or not.