Ok so I’ve got to series 2 on the show SUITES, to someone tell me Rachel is actually Meghan Markle who married to o… 4 days ago
@funnyman6869 Wish I knew what I was doing next year mate, world championship is over for me right now, for many re… 2 weeks ago
@CecilyCarpenter That’s where I live, and have done for 21 years 😀 2 weeks ago
@funnyman6869 Compared to Jorge, and I’m very sure if he stayed in Moto 3 for 1 more year he would go into the year… 2 weeks ago
@funnyman6869 I have to agree, (hope you are well mate) at the beginning of the year I’m sure he, and the team didn… 2 weeks ago
His 1 lap speed in qualifying, his race craft, great world champion, which didn’t have it easy when he was younger,… 2 weeks ago