RT @MotoGP: Bae: Come over Me: I can't my bike is broken Bae: My parents aren't home Me: 1 day ago
Your road to MotoGP starts here, only 8 more days until entries closed. 2 weeks ago
RT @BritTalentCup: 📢 Want to become a British Talent Cup rider next year? Applications are still open!🙌 Don't miss your chance! Your #Road 2 weeks ago
@motomatters @denkmit @British_Airways Haha seems that way! Longest ever trip for me to Bologna, 6am this morning l… 3 weeks ago
@denkmit @British_Airways Lucky you! For some reason I’m going bristol - Barcelona, Barcelona - Bologna 😂 3 weeks ago
Thanks to team sponsor piuego for the custom… 4 weeks ago